Calling ALL Curly Hair Heads!!!!

OUIDAD  is the answer! 


Not only it's a remarkable brand, but the products actually do W O R K! With taking the class and gaining the product knowledge from it, I was able to get my hands on session with one of my clients and even myself. 

They have 4 family lines that are prescribed to 4 different curl types. In the curly hair world, we all know there's never a set and stone type of curl which is why I love this product line. From their shampoo and conditioner to Ouidads styling products, everything makes sense with the philosophy of WHY each one is for each type of curl pattern! The products are very effective, light and it brings you softness instead of that "hard-gel" feeling.  


In that case, try it for yourself!!! Go to your nearest Gene Juarez location or find me downtown  to help you pick out your perfect OUIDAD product for your hair :)  

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